10 Hair Stories we can all relate to

There is always something we find missing in our hair, don’t we?

“They don’t shine enough”!
“I wish I had curly hair; Mine are just too straight! 😦 “

This video is dedicated to all those people, who can relate to few of our daily hair troubles. What I would love to call them are “Hair Stories”.



Hair Story 1 – It’s Oil in the Head 🙇🏻‍♀️:

Ever had a day, or days, when your hair are set perfectly, when you suddenly realize, that past mid-day, your hair are oily? It’s like you have a personalized stock of oil. You feel that you are very lucky that the world doesn’t know it, else, there would be people fighting for the oil source. This story is dedicated to all people, who have their very own oil manufacturing unit, that over functions.

Hair Story 2 – They disappear, when you need them the most! 🙄

Is it just me, or do you also have rubber bands and clips, that have a mind and limbs of their own? Every time we buy a packet (containing nearly 30 bands), I think that, this year will be sorted. But little do we know, that the rubber bands have their own master plan. They are a secret society, plotting their escape, one by one. Should there be another prison breakout movie, the rubber bands should be in the cast. I bet, the movie would be a hit!

Hair Story 3 – Lose, it slips; Tight it snaps! 😡

Yup, we have all been there. Speaking of casting rubber bands in a prison breakout movie, how about casting this fellow as the last man standing? Why? It’s because, the rubber bands just don’t understand, do they? You give it two knots, it just won’t stay in the hair; you give it three knots, it snaps and falls to the ground. Sometimes, it seems like this little guy likes to rub in further. Maybe the other rubber bands have already escaped. When we find the last one remaining, by snapping, leaves us humans, hopeless in life.

Hair Story 4 – Dry them huh? 😒

This story is dedicated to my curlies out there. You not only have the rubber bands to worry about, but also your hair. They have their own agenda set out for you – The agenda of making you life tougher than it already is. Yup, you decide to wash your hair, which is fine. What happens after, is what is not fine. There is a theory that should be written. “As the curly hair dry, they get poofy, god knows why.” Yup, you know it’s true.

Hair Story 5 – Perfect Hair Day? Please! ✋

On an important day, when you are meeting someone special, and you want everything to be perfect, or when you have a career deciding meeting, always remember. The weather knows these things. It can sense, which days matter the most, and it’s on these days, that the weather lays out its master plan. Take the wind for example. Isn’t it always the windiest day ever, on your calendar’s most important days? Think about it. For those who already know, I know your pain.

Hair Story 6 – A forgotten Umbrella gives you Unforgettable Rains! ⛈

You know it’s true, don’t you? The one day, that you are running late, and you forget to pack your umbrella, panicking, that you will miss the first 15 minutes of your meeting, or movie, is the day it will rain. The wind, probably gives it’s report to the clouds, and they just come out of no where, and start raining. Well, if it is any consolation, at least the rain can hide your tears. Rains give you the bath you never asked for.

Hair Story 7 – Stay Straight, will ya?

This story is dedicated to all those people, who love straight hair, but your hair thinks otherwise. Probably, there is some sort of wave spirit that resides in your head. Maybe, a paranormal researcher can find a new host body, to perform his exorcism. People who love straight hair and pray for it, you know what I am talking about right? The horror! 😭

Hair Story 8 – Brush them a little, they said?

Next time you tell a curly haired person to comb their hair, think again. Don’t you think, they would have done it, if they could? As is it, they are poofy, after they dry up. On top of it, to comb them? There is just that much poofiness one can take. Plus, there are enough combs and brushes lost. It’s like the Curly Hair is the Bermuda Triangle for combs. A nightmare, isn’t it?

Hair Story 9 – Those fringes grow into our eyes: 👩🏻

While we are hoping that our eyes can get us what we want, we have the fringes that get jealous. It’s like the fringes don’t want to share the love they have for your eyes. If you think otherwise, the fringes bring out their A game. They grow just enough, so that they cannot be tucked behind your ear. The best part, they know you can’t tie it up either. Why? Because, the rubber bands have already broken out (both literally and figuratively). See the level of plotting and tag teaming?

Hair Story 10 – Their Hair is always better:

You know it’s true, don’t deny it. We always look at this one person at work, or a random person on the street and go, “Why are my hair not like hers?” It’s like a song on loop. It goes on and on. The one with long, straight hair, wants short, curly hair. The one with curly hair wants them as straight as can be. If you love the hair, the way they are, then you have a gift. And you are a rare species indeed.

Is any one of these, your “story” too?!
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Special mention to Vandhana Krishnamurthy! Thank you for your ideas on curly hair! ❤

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