10 things you should know to Shampoo all the way, and Condition to slay

“That bottle looks so fancy! This is the shampoo I am going to start using!”
“My hair are such a mess; so oily! Let me wash it today.”

As simple as it is to pick up a bottle that looks good in your shower room, and enjoy a bubble frenzy when you wash your hair, unfortunately, it is not. Selecting the right shampoo and conditioner based on the hair troubles is something that we undermine. What if the “Good Looking Bottle” was meant for dry scalp, and you have an oily scalp? Kinda counterproductive, isn’t it?

Here are 10 things you should keep in mind when Shampooing and Conditioning your hair:

  1. What is shampooing?
    It is a regime we follow to wash off the dirt and oil from our scalp and hair. Shampooing cleanses your scalp and heals your hair at the roots.
  2. Why Shampoo?
    With the busy lives that most of us have, traveling to work and exposing our hair to extreme heat and pollution, it is essential to rid our hair of all the dirt that gets accumulated, to prevent hair fall and hair damage.
  3. How to Shampoo?
    • The first thing to keep in mind is that, it is your hands that are doing the washing. Ensure your hands are clean before you start washing your hair. You do not want the dirt from your hands to add to the dirt on your scalp.
    • If you have an Oily Scalp, preferably, use lukewarm water (50-60% cold water) to damp your hair. This opens up your cuticles, allowing your shampoo to thoroughly wash away the oil from your scalp. If otherwise, preferably, use cold water.
    • Take a coin sized amount of shampoo, dilute it a small quantity of water in a mug or glass and apply the solution on your scalp.
    • In forward circular motion, gently move your finger tips through your scalp. This allows distribution of the shampoo throughout your scalp. Go for a second round, only if the oil and dirt are not fully removed from your scalp.
    • Never apply the shampoo directly to your hair. Use the lather to clean your hair.
  4. How to select the right shampoo?
    Selection of the right shampoo depends mainly on your scalp troubles. If you choose the most suitable shampoo and apply it right, there is bound to be a noticeable difference in your hair’s health. The selection of the shampoo should not be on the basis of your hair type, but your scalp trouble.

Eg: Oily: People with oily scalps end up washing hair at least 2-3 times a week. Keeping this frequency in mind, users should preferably use mild shampoos, specifically designed for oily hair.

  1. The “DO NOTs” of Shampooing?
    • Directly applying shampoo on your scalp or hair
    • Rubbing it vigorously. They are your hair, not a genie in a lamp. Be gentle and use your finger tips.
    • Use your finger nails to apply the shampoo.
    • Use hot water to wash your hair.
  2. What is conditioning?
    Conditioning is a technique to make your hair smooth and soft.
  3. Why Condition?
    After shampooing your hair, they are bound to become dry and scanty. Conditioning is done to provide nourishment to your hair, and make them more manageable.
  4. How to Condition?
    • Squeeze out all the water from your hair. If you don’t, the conditioner becomes diluted, hindering the full benefits of nourishment.
    • Typically, one scoop of conditioner is good for medium hair. Apply from the mid length, all the way till the hair tips.
    • After application, use a wide toothed comb. Start detangling your hair from the bottom and move upwards as you remove the knots. If you start it from the top, you are increasing the chances of hair breakage or hair fall.
    • If you have the time, you can even tie them in a bun and leave them for a minute or two.
    • People with fine hair should typically leave the conditioner on for 1m. People with thick hair should keep the conditioner for about 2m.
    • Wash the conditioner with cold water. This closes your cuticles, that were previously opened by the lukewarm water.
  5. How to select the right conditioner?
    The right conditioner depends on your hair type. The conditioners are designed to specifically address your hair troubles. The selection of the conditioners depends on how dry / damaged they are.

    Eg: Take super dry hair for instance. A conditioner that provides intense moisture would be the most ideal selection. This gives the hair the nourishment it needs, and prevents them from being frizzy and unmanageable.

  1. The “DO NOTs” of Conditioning:
    • Applying the conditioner on your scalp. This will only make your scalp oily, forcing you to wash them sooner than actually required.
    • Rubbing the conditioner vigorously: Again, it’s not a lamp, it’s your hair. Work your fingers gently through your hair to evenly spread the conditioner.
    • Using hot water: This will not close your cuticles at the end of the wash, which increases the chances of hair breakage when combing your hair after a wash.

You must have spent money on a perfect haircut, and then some more on the best shampoos and conditioners. Don’t let this investment go for a toss! Use them right, and see the results!

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Source: Vivek Kuruvilla (Senior Stylist, BBlunt Koramangla, Bangalore, India)