Episode 1: Long to Pixie Bob

“Should I go for a short hair length cut? What if my hair never grow back?”
“Only one inch, not more than that!”


Don’t we all have this thought before going for a hair cut? Well, there was one such client I had today. Nervous, yet excited about the new length.

Despite her hysteria, she went through it, and boy, does she carry that look, or does she carry that look?


Hair Cut: Pixie Bob.
The Before Hair Length
: Long.
The After Hair Length: Short.
Products Used:
1. For Styling: Loreál Techni Art Scruff
2. Shampoo: Loreál Instant Clear
3. Conditioner: Loreál Force Vector

Why the Pixie?
A Pixie Bob is a popular 60s / 70s hair style, which is a variation of a Short Bob Cut, coupled with a lot of layers. The look comprises of shortened layers at the back and longer layers at the front. The layers add volume to the hair, enhancing the look further. The layered Pixie is best suited for a long or round face.

A short hair cut is always a good option, if you want to get rid of those all so annoying split ends, or if you are looking for a drastic change. This client in particular had straightened her hair about 10 months ago. Over time, as her hair grew, there was a distinct difference in the natural and previously straightened hair. To flaunt the natural hair again, Pixie Bob is a great way to go.

The Smile Says it all!

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  1. Uth says:

    Its a great cut 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂


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