Episode 2: Layers, not on a cake this time

“I love my long hair. Can I just get a trim or a new shape?”


Sometimes, we just love our gifted long hair, don’t we? Then why cut it short, when getting a multi-layered frilly look is so funky? This episode is to all those hair enthusiasts out there, who love their lengths a little too much 😉

IMG-20171101-WA0033Hair Cut: Inverted Layers 
The Before Hair Length
: Long
The After Hair Length: Medium / Medium – Long
Products Used:
1. Shampoo: L’oréal Professional Density Advance
2. Conditioner: BBlunt Intense Moisture
3. Styling: BBlunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave in Cream

sɹǝʎɐl?? Hmmmm…
There is nothing that can go wrong with the addition of layers in your hair. With a lot of layers, the volume and waviness of your hair increases two-fold. It also defines your hair texture and your look. The best part, it goes with any type of face! 😀

Couple the layers with a fringe, and you are all set to flaunt your mane. My client today had long and scanty hair (don’t we all…). With her heart shaped face and a beautiful jawline, the layers and the fringe compliment her look, and gives her an edge!

And, we have a winner! 🙂

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